Ocean Dialogues Ltd provides expert support to advance progressive ocean governance worldwide. We work collaboratively with governments, industry, scientists and civil society groups to enhance ocean policy, planning and management, and support the transition to sustainable ocean economies.

This includes developing new and adaptive approaches for inclusive and learning-based decision making across scales. Such models require capacity to handle complexity and uncertainty of addressing multiple, interdependent and conflicting goals, within a rapidly changing social and ecological context.

Recent projects include developing Regional and National Ocean Policies and strategies for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) under the World Bank Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project (CROP), research and consultancy in Scotland, Norway and across Europe on management for emerging sectors such as industrial kelp harvesting, developing adaptation interventions for aquaculture in responding to ocean acidification, and the implementation of new tools such as marine spatial planning including contributing to the EU Maritime Spatial Planning Platform ( EU MSP Platform).

Dialogue is central to effective governance and Ocean Dialogues Ltd seeks to work across boundaries to enable co-operation and innovation in addressing the challenges of sustainable development in our coastal and marine areas.